• Wendy Harman

    Wendy Harman

    #nptech enthusiast, #RedCross worker, copyright nerd, curious introvert, southpaw

  • Meredith Underell

    Meredith Underell

    Front end engineer. Gym bound. Snowboarder. Hearts spontaneous adventures & fashion. Ladies Learning Code Chapter Lead.

  • maro parents

    maro parents

    you can reach us at www.meetmaro.com

  • Nicole


    Mama. Bliss seeker. Bold-living enthusiast.

  • Lou Woodley

    Lou Woodley

    Communities Specialist - curious+enthusiastic about how people, science+tech mix online. Ex-NPG, #OpenScience, #SciComm, social media, blogs, events, squirrels!

  • gothamCulture


    Empowering leaders with powerful insight that helps drive meaningful organizational change through the lens of culture and strategy

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